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Websites to support your path towards typing to communicate.
By: Celina Viloria, Certified RPM Provider  Builders of Eloquence and Engagement, LLC


Typing to communicate is a skill that many hope to achieve on their path to communication independence. For the motor-typical individual, typing to communicate sounds simple enough: you think of a word, you type it, done!
For many individuals who use alternate modes of communication such as letter boards typing becomes a series of complex voluntary tasks that have to be coordinated, mastered and executed in order to achieve typing.  It can be an intermittent eye convergence that makes the keys shuffle and dance or fall of the keyboard, a global apraxia that makes placing both hands on the same surface at the same time very difficult, an attention challenge that makes it hard to recall the letters long enough to type them in sequence, an eye muscle coordination challenge where looking down at a screen and keeping a steady gaze at that level t…

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